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Whether you're a student, a hobbyist or an aspiring professional, I'd be delighted to spend a comprehensive half day with you, on a 1-2-1 basis, and show you precisely how I photograph headshots for my clients and get the kind of images you see on this website. From explaining different lighting techniques, the lenses and equipment I use, the settings I prefer, my favourite poses, the 4 hours we'll spend together will be entirely studio based (Edinburgh). And it will be very hands on so bring your camera! You learn best by doing - not listening :)

There will be a model on hand so I can show you precisely my favourite lighting setups for headshots and I'll also show you how I direct my clients from one pose into the next. The 1-2-1 training will be at a relaxed pace, very informal and conversational so please ask as many questions as you like as we go along. Don't hold back with the questions because as much as I want to be free with the truth and  my tricks of the trade, I won't be able to read your mind! There will also be plenty of time and opportunity to try out some of your own ideas (and I'm happy to give my input and feedback if you need it).

This investment in your photographer development is £1500

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