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As Scotland's premier headshot photographers, we understand the importance of standing out from the crowd and making an immediate impact. Everyone has tremendous talent but so much hinges on getting noticed at the right time and being remembered. Our priority is to help you get noticed.

We know your headshot is crucial to securing your next major role and we never take that responsibility lightly. Conveying your professionalism, commitment and versatility as an actor, in a way that is both impactful and memorable to industry professionals, is our goal.

Our Actors Headshot photoshoots are £595 for a 90min photoshoot involving a variety of looks, outfits and lighting setups. It can be in our studio or out on-location at one of our many favourite spots in central Scotland, city centre or rural. Included in the shoot are your favourite FIVE headshots from a selection of 30-40, uploaded to an online gallery.



In light of the pandemic, we fully appreciate what our friends and contacts in the acting profession are facing. Film, TV and Theatre in particular have been, are being, hit the hardest. Our advice to actors is to stay active, stay positive but most importantly stay visible. There will always be a demand for your  specific look and your specific skillset! So keep putting yourself out there.

To help in a small way, we have introduced a far more accessible photo-shoot aimed specifically at helping actors and performers stay current with their headshots. Our new Actors Headshot Update @ £250 now allows actors to benefit from our photo-shoots without having to invest in what was previously our only actors headshot option @ £595. 

It's a 45min shoot, in our studio (or out on-location in Edinburgh's Old Town). Bring a couple of different looks. You can select 3 of your favourite shots from an online gallery to keep. Give us a big shoutout on social media for a complimentary 4th one!

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