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Those are just four words, from a long list, that can be used to describe what a professional headshot can convey about you to your clients. Add to that 'competence' and 'credibility' and it quickly becomes clear that your business headshot is a powerful asset which you should update regularly and put to good use. 


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INDIVIDUAL headshots


Great conversation in a comfortable setting is one of the keys to how we create our natural, relaxed style of business headshots. So we warmly invite you to our home studio for a coffee, a chat and a 45min photo-shoot.

We've photographed hundreds if not thousands of business men and women, and in every case, we've helped them  to convey warmth, confidence, professionalism and trust. We'll do the same for you.

Throughout the photo-shoot, we'll talk you through how to be, where to stand etc. But in a way that you're comfortable with and actually enjoy! In 24 hours, we'll upload approx 20-30 variations onto an online gallery from which you can choose your favourite one. 

For added convenience, if you prefer we can come out to your office or home with our portable studio. Time and travel expenses apply.



£295 PLUS £40PP

Whether we're photographing you or your whole team, our goal is the same - to convey warmth, confidence, professionalism and trust. 

If you'd like us to photograph headshots for your whole team, we will happily come out to your offices with our portable studio. We'll quickly setup our backdrop & lights in a spare meeting room. We suggest people come to us at 5/10/15 minute intervals (depending on numbers). During this time, we'll photograph 10-15 headshot variations per person and then upload the selection onto an online gallery. People can choose their favourite one headshot.

Our fully mobile and compact studio setup means we can travel and work all over Scotland & England. It's something which we do regularly and enjoy. Travel expenses will vary depending on location.

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As entrepreneurs ourselves, we're acutely aware of the importance of portraying your brand as clearly and as accurately as possible to your audience. 

With our 'personal branding & business lifestyle' photo-shoot, we focus on how best to portray you and your brand. We'll carefully consider the right location (normally outdoors), your clothes, props and accessories but most of all your personality and what you love! All of this is a team effort. 

Our goal is to photograph you in a way that you'll love but more importantly to capture your style, your taste and your uniqueness...because for most entrepreneurs, your personality IS your brand.

It's a 1 to 2 hour photo-shoot, on location, with your favourite five images included.

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