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Q: How do I book you?

a: Really straightforward. Drop us an email first. Tell us a little bit about you and what you need the headshot for. Have a quick look at and decide on one of our different options. Then we'll compare diaries to find a suitable date & time. We normally ask for the shoot fee to be paid at the time of booking. In any case, full payment is kindly requested prior to the final release of your chosen high res image files.

Q: what do i wear?

a: If in doubt, 'keep it plain & simple' is the best advice we can give. Try to steer clear of jazzy patterns and too much bling. Classic items like v-neck t-shirts & jeans, polonecks, shirt/jacket combos, and block colours all work well. Having said that, there are no fixed rules. The shoot is also about your personality. We want you to feel confident & comfortable with what you're wearing.

Q: how can i prepare?

a: The main thing is try to arrive in a happy, positive frame of mind. If you're feeling in any way stressed or rushed, that will show in your posture and on your face. And btw there's no disguising hangover eyes. So our advice is plan an easy morning, drink lots of water, meditate, listen to music, take a day off, do whatever you need to so that you come in refreshed and raring to go.

Q: what backdrops do you use?

a: We have many backdrops although our signature style is a plain, dark backdrop. For two reasons - most websites are high key i.e. predominantly white pages, so having a darker background for your headshot will really make your profile picture stand out. Also a dark backdrop adds a depth and a certain gravitas to the finished look!