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You are more than enough

One of the saddest things I come across in business and my personal life is the person in the group who doesn’t feel confident enough in themselves to be in front of the camera.

As a photographer, I never make a big deal about it, in fact I try to draw attention away from it, but you notice them slinking quietly to the back of the group or out of the room entirely. And while I understand there are introverts and extroverts in this world, I can’t help thinking how heartbreakingly tragic it is that someone, anyone, should feel ‘not enough’ in any way.

This relentless pressure to compete, compare and conform beats down and consumes the best of us. But it’s an illusory monster that’s chasing you. And like most nightmarish figures, the moment you choose to stop running from it, turn around and face it head on, it vanishes in a puff of smoke - and the sun comes out.

Find the courage to stop running. Choose not to compete, compare or conform to some made up ideal in someone else’s head. Or even your own. And. Simply. Be. You. Give yourself permission to shout as loudly and to shine as brightly as everyone else.

Because you are more than enough. In every way.

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Actress Danielle Farrow

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