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One of the biggest dangers of spending so much time on social media is that it conditions many of us to hate the way we look. And that continued eroding of self confidence in our own self image has knock on effects on just about every aspect of your life, including work.

If you've felt yourself becoming more and more reluctant to put yourself forward at work, stand up in a meeting, speak at a networking event, or felt more and more self conscious about how you look, how you're dressed, when being photograph, you'll know what I'm talking about. I believe that developing and nurturing confidence in your own self image is absolutely a worthwhile endeavour and an enormous determining factor to your success in business. It's not trivial. You stand taller with your shoulders back, you project yourself further, you're more open in interviews and group discussions, you hold eye contact longer, you smile more! And by doing all these things, you instantly make yourself more engaging to your audience, your client or whoever you're talking to.

As photographers, helping people rediscover and rejuvenate confidence in themselves and how they look is a massive part of what we do. And it's the one aspect that's the most rewarding.

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