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I hate the way I look in photographs

The number of people who come to us needing a professional headshot and the first words that come out of their mouths are 'I hate the way I look in photographs' - that used to leave me speechless every time because invariably, I'm standing there thinking 'you look wonderful, I don't understand why you would think that'.

Helping people regain confidence in the way they look is a huge part of what we do as headshot photographers.

If you think how many times a day, smart phone users use their phones to photograph themselves and the people around them - friends, family, work colleagues. Millions of times! Very rarely are all the ingredients going to be in perfect alignment for a flattering picture of you. In fact never. And when it comes to lighting - the one ingredient which great portrait photographers and artists over the centuries, place above everything else - 99% of iPhone users ignore lighting completely. And that's totally ok. They're not professionals and besides it's all fun. So not only are you appearing in a hell of a lot more pictures than you ever did, all the pictures will be unflattering. And that's just from a lighting point of view. Straight off the bat, the likelihood of you hating yourself in photographs is off to a flying start. And this is before you throw other incredibly influential factors such as...

- pose

- expression

- timing

- correct exposure & white balance

- background

- composition

- lens focal length

- camera view point

.,.to name just a few off the top of my head.

So nowadays, when I hear the phrase 'I hate the way I look in photographs' - I know what you're really saying. And I'm no longer stuck for words. My reply?

'Well, let's turn that around...'


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