Self confidence in business

One of the dangers of spending so much time on social media is that it conditions many of us to be overly critical about the way we look. That somehow we're not enough. And that erosion of our self image has knock on effects on every aspect of our lives, including work. If you've ever found yourself increasingly reluctant to put yourself forward at work, stand up in a meeting, be photographed, introduce yourself at a networking event, simply because of how you think you will be perceived, you know what I'm talking about. You don't want that spotlight on you!

Developing our confidence and nurturing our self image is more critical now than ever. How you feel about how you look is not something to brush off lightly. Confident people stand taller, project their voices further, are more engaging in interviews and more likely to be heard in group discussions. They hold eye contact longer and smile more!

So take the time every single day to bolster your sense of worth through self development, reading, positive self talk, coaching, meditation and other techniques. As headshot photographers, a massive part of what we do is reflecting back to people just how good they really look. Without filters. By photographing people authentically and with empathy, we help people rediscover and rejuvenate their self confidence. We remind people that they ARE enough. And that's incredibly rewarding.