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Headshots Scotland


Our Promise

our promise

  1.  To transform the way you see yourself in photos

  2. To photograph you in a way you'll love

  3.  to take the best picture of you which you've ever seen




about us

_HO21064 ii#.jpg

david ho

" One thing I've learned in over 20 years photographing people from every walk of life, is that the key to a great portrait is connection. And for me that means talking and listening and laughing and good coffee! So when you come for your photoshoot you'll probably find it's as much a relaxed conversation about you, me and life as it is about photography. I just happen to have a camera in my hand "


sandie knudsen

" I want to help women rediscover the beauty in themselves and to celebrate it loudly and proudly! Whether you're 18 or 80, it's too easy to allow social media and false advertising to dictate to you what is beautiful and what isn't. those standards are impossible and fake. It's no wonder women's self esteem and self worth are at an all time low. The truth is YOU are beautiful just as you are and no one else comes close  - you've just forgotten it "




Catherine Bell
M.D.  Mearns & co

I am getting in touch to say thank you so much for the amazing website images and team headshots which Sandie sent to me. I actually felt emotional looking at them as they represent the company and the whole team culture that we have here so fantastically well. You guys truly nailed it! These headshots are going to help us to take our business to the next level. Thank you both so much! 


brian mcgregor
m.d. henry's coffee co

It's a rare event that I would choose to write an unsolicited recommendation and this is one of those rare events! I have known David for a number of years now and have never failed to be anything other than blown away by the quality of his photography. This is an opinion shared by many other friends and colleagues who also greatly admire his work. Taking great photographs is one thing but adding creativity to a heartfelt interest in the subject matter is very much part of David's skill set. I have lots of good friends who are professional photographers but I am sorry to say none of them match David's unique stand out abilities.


emily shields
founder emily alex

It was an absolute pleasure working with David & Sandie. I've never been keen on having my photograph taken so had put off getting new head shots for ages. But I saw some lovely images that David had taken and some really encouraging testimonials so decided to drop him a note. He came back to me straight away and was so warm and friendly that I felt completely at ease before even arriving at the studio. The whole experience was so fun and relaxed that my smiles are actually genuine… it was as if the camera was not there! I cannot recommend David & Sandie highly enough so what are you waiting for… give them a call.



Thank you David. You made me feel instantly relaxed and Sandie was so supportive too. I think it can be a little daunting for many people to be in front of the lens. But you are a master at what you do and rightly deserve your place as one of Scotland's premier photographers - and every other award you've been accorded! I can honestly say that your photograph of me has brought about more business for me as a result. You guys are amazing! Thank you!



_HO21381 SQ.jpg

business headshot


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To view the photos taken on the night, click on the 'Gallery' button below and enter the password! As promised, you can download as many images as you like. Enjoy!

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