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While a professional Business Headshot is a must-have for any business person looking to convey professionalism, warmth, credibility and trust, sometimes you're going to want (or need) just that little bit more. HEADSHOTS PLUS will give you that little bit extra, by way of a full studio photo-shoot experience with us. And with more time to play with, we can try different outfits, different looks, backdrops and poses (including half lengths & full lengths as well as head & shoulders).

Our HEADSHOTS PLUS experience takes place at our open plan studio space in Edinburgh. It's big, bright & spacious. There's private parking and also changing facilities. The coffee is always on as is the music. Our HEADSHOTS PLUS photoshoot are £850 and that includes a 90 minute photoshoot along with your favourite 5 portraits chosen from a selection of 30-40 uploaded to an online gallery. Extra shots are £85 each.

When you feel ready to take your business headshots (and your business) to the next level, drop us a message below! We'll be excited to help you.

drop us a message!


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