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Our personal branding photoshoots are photographed outdoors in Edinburgh city centre and also inside our studio space, so you get the best of both worlds. The sessions are normally 2 hours (this time will absolutely fly by!). We make the most of different backdrops, different poses and different looks. They are much more like fashion magazine style photoshoots and twice as fun! They are fully directed so you'll know exactly how to be and what to do. 

Our personal branding photoshoots are £2500 and included in the shoot fee will be your favourite TEN personal branding portraits, chosen from a selection of 40 to 50+. Extra portraits can be purchased @ £125 each. We also gift our personal branding clients an uber-cool 4 minute Behind-The-Scenes film as a special memento and to share on social media, just like the one above. Drop us a message and let's talk about brand YOU.

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